Web Ministry

It seems so obvious and at the same time it seems unclear, that every church should have a web ministry. People used to search for a church in the phone book, however that is changing. Increasingly people use the internet to find the things they need. Much more information can be gained from a web page than a phone book ad.

This is why a web ministry is so important. I am not talking about a web page, because that does little to take advantage of the web's power. A web ministry is a group of dedicated individuals who are willing to learn how to use the web to communicate effectively. Effective communication is the goal of the great commission. It takes more than just a web page to communicate the gospel and who your church is. It takes quality content to capture the attention of your community. This is why you need a team of individuals willing to work at providing this content—people with talents in writing, speaking, photography, video, art & computer technologies, to achieve the goals of an effective web ministry.

There will be more helpful tips about having a
successful web ministry to come...

The Husbandman Ministry is ready to help your organization move forward with the web. Please contact us with your needs.