What is HTML

HTML is the heart of the web, yet is it so simple. HTML is just a simple text page. Even the most simple text editor can create HTML. The acronym HTML stands for hypertext markup language. That means it is text that has the ability to link to other files which allows a nonlinear flow.

HTML is made up of tags like this; <name>. Each tag starts with the less than symbol and closes with the greater than symbol. In between the symbols is the tag’s name. Tags that contain things need a closing tag which is identical to the opening tag with the exception of having a forward slash “/”. Here are the base tags for an HTML page.


Obviously the “html” tag define that this is a html page. The “head” tags contain all the information about the page, but it is non-visual information. The body tags contain the information that is supposed to be visual. However there are exceptions to this protocol.

One of the important tags of HTML is the link tag, this is what make HTML hyper or dynamic. The link tag looks like this <a>Click Here</a>. This tag can link to a specific place on a page or a totally different page. To make a link this tag needs a little more information and that information is called an attribute. An attribute is information within a tag. A common attribute in the link tag is the “href” which is a hypertext reference, in other words where the link is linked to. Putting this all together it can look like this <a href="another.html">Click Here</a>. I want to mention that the “a” in this tag stands for “anchor”, because it is as an anchor which links to another place.

This reminds me of the best anchor I know of—Jesus Christ, who anchors my soul to the glories of Heaven. “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;” Hebrew 6:19

There are many tags in the HTML library and a good resource for looking them up the www.w3schools.com