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Vertical Shift Demo Download
A script that condensed elements in a given space, but allows viewing of the complete element on mouseover.
Requires the jQuery Library
Suggested Use: Notes,Events,Photos,Short Articles
fotoexposé™ Plugin For Wordpress Download Documentation
To be used in WordPress
Suggested Use: Professional Photography,Amateur Photography,Art,Artwork,Paintings,Travel Site,Advertising
  1. Install Plugin
  2. Create a new page
  3. Place this text in the body {{fotoexpose}}
  4. Insert images into page body

The thumbnails will be the size set in Wordpress Settings>Media. I recommend they are not taller than 96px. Although it is totally up to you. If you want a custom thumbnail size you must change this setting before uploading the images. You can change it back after uploading. FotoExposé uses the Wordpress Setting>Media \"Large Size\" for the large images.

To remove images you must remove them from the page and the media library.

fotoexposé™ Demo Download Documentation
A free photo gallery used to display photos and artwork. Requires the jQuery Library
Suggested Use: Professional Photography,Amateur Photography,Art,Artwork,Paintings,Travel Site,Advertising


fotoexposé is a javascript photo viewer. It does not use Flash® so it is supported by devices that do not use Flash® like iPhone® and iPad®.

fotoexposé can be download and used as is. Thumbnails need to be resize from large photos to the users discretion. These thumbnails need to be placed in the gallery directory. The full size photos and thumbnails need to have the same name. Full size photos need to be loaded into the largePhoto folder.
If your sever uses PHP then the thumbnails photos will be automatically added. If not you will have to create your own script that works on your server or manually enter the image tags for each photo.


All tags with in the “container” tag must be included. The order can be change and custom styles can be applied.

The script requires jQuery 1.4.2 or greater.

To create a instance of fotoexposé simply include the follow in the web page.

$('#thumbs').fotoexpose( propertyName, value );

The following options that can be set:

increment: number, 		// how far the slider moves when more or previous are clicked
fade: milliseconds,		// how fast the photos fade in and out
sliderSpeed: milliseconds, 	// how fast the thumbnails slide
locationSpeed: milliseconds, 	// how fast the location bar moves
viewer:  string, 		// id of the tag where the large photos are viewed
largePath: string, 		// the path of the large images
modwidth: boleen,  		// set whether the indicator changes size
loaderClass: string, 		// the class for the load image
thumbWidth: number, 		// how wide the thumbnail bar is
slideshow: milliseconds	  	// how fast the slide show moves

*modwidth this allows the location bar, the bar that is under the photos, to change size if the thumbnails are different widths.

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